Carlin Freeman

We are excited to have Carlin Freeman, a 2006 Longview high school standout as a part of our coaching staff. Carlin was the quarterback for the Longview Lobos and the team captain for both the football and baseball team. Following graduation he was recruited to play baseball at Navarro Junior College, but transferred to UT Tyler after suffering a torn ACL. During that time he was a part time coach at Judson middle school for football and basketball. Carlin’s background in sports, knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning, and abilities within the gym have led him into coaching for us. He thoroughly enjoys both mental and physical challenges, which is one of the main reasons he enjoys CrossFit. Sports have always been a passion of his, and he is constantly challenging himself whether in the gym or outside of the gym competing in mudruns, 5k’s, Spartan races, and of course CrossFit competitions.

CrossFit L-1 Trainer Certificate